Why CSR is relevant for your business

We live in world of constant change with growing challenges and potentials for the future. Especially, that is, when it comes to social and environmental tasks. It has become increasingly clear that our planet is jeopardized due to the evolution of industrialization and consumer culture. In contrast, social inequality has left millions of people world-wide in lieu of human rights, in poverty, and in lack of security, stability, law and order. Now is the time to change paths, and for corporate businesses to act both morally, ethically and holistically. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enables individual business to integrate social responsibility into the DNA of the company. But how exactly is that relevant for the company that you represent?

CSR is about creating positive impact through your business’ activities. Not only does your company’s activities create a positive social impact, it also benefits your company financially and enhance your company’s image. Consumers are increasingly interested in contributing to a more sustainable and socially responsible lifestyle. This applies to all aspects of their lives. When consumers buy a product or service from a company which practises CSR, the customer indirectly contribute to the positive change by supporting the company’s activities. This is beneficial for your company’s image, because it makes your company appear trustworthy to the customers. On the contrary, lack of CSR can lead to distrust.

Think about it: maybe your company produces and sells several products. Thus, to some extent, your business contributes to the growing consumer culture by producing more products. Now, of course you should not stop your production, or else you would not have anything to offer your customers. However, you should be very aware of how you produce your products, and how your company contributes positively to the environment or society. By showing social responsibility, you communicate to your customers that you are fully aware of your responsibility and thus, that your customers can buy your products with good conscience.

Do you think that your business is too small to make an impact? Think again. Even the most seemingly insignificant activity can lead to a great impact, both for the environment and for your company. CSR-activities can be carried out in various ways. There are no right or wrong answers to how CSR could or should be practised – it comes in many forms. Examples of CSR vary from local to global activities such as:

  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Arranging charities or doing charitable work for local or global causes
  • Reducing use of unrecyclable plastic
  • Using renewable energy for production
  • Etc.

Again, CSR can come in many forms, and it is up to you to decide which issues are most relevant for your company. Is developing social responsibility in your local area your strategy? Or is it your ambition to be a frontrunner in the fight against plastic? The activities you choose to practice should make sense and be meaningful for your company. CSR is not only about environmental and social responsibility; it is also about implementing a sustainable strategy for your company. Thus, you should always practise CSR accordingly with your company’s general DNA.

Nevertheless, social responsibility is worth practicing. Show your partners, customers and interests that your company takes responsibility, and experience how social responsibility benefit your business.

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