Our Mission

We believe in progress. However, in a globalized world the effects of regulation can be limited. In the scope of CSR, our prime directive is to raise awareness on CSR initiatives through online on-page activity. To that end, we have created the CSR web badge: A digital lable for CSR-minded businesses whom act as not only economic but social and ecological actors within the field. 

Join the cause; help elevate the local, national and international standards of social justice and build your business in the process. 

Choose Your Badge

These badges are developed for web use by our participants


csr badge logo


cpr badge logo


csr badge logo

Extra large

cpr badge logo


The CSR Badge establishes a link to our online platform from the webpages of our participants. The badge is positioned on their front page, typically in the footer. In return, a similar link is established from the registered listing on our website.

Go to “Choose Your Badge” and locate the desired badge. Copy the HTML-code from the text box next to the coresponding badge – you need it for step 3. 

Log into the content management system (CMS) of your website. Locate an area on the front page in which to position the badge, usually the footer. In this example, we want the badge to appear in the in lower right coner of the footer.

Paste the HTML-code in place and note that the code will appear as an image. Save and update the page in order to view the changes. Congratulations, your business is now associated with the CSR badge!

By utilizing the HTML-code above, you accept the terms and conditions and declare that you represent:

  • an active business
  • a CSR-minded practice
  • a participant of the CSR Badge
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