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For businesses contributing to society through ethical practice, the CSR badge delineates a realized relevance of corporate responsibilities and initiatives. Our participants identify as both economic and moral actors within both sustainable business development and the field of corporate social responsibility.

"CSR isn't simply a concept, it's what we do every day, 
maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact."
- the Responsible Business Summit
London 2013


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The Definition

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility

The acronym “CSR” is short for “corporate social responsibility”,a term that tasks social and ecological criteria within the context of corporate agenda. In short, CSR attains to the triple-bottom-line of sustainability, focusing on responsibly, morally and ethically generating a profit. To that end, emphasis is often on:

  • the health, safety and integrity of employees.
  • the appropriate organizational structures.
  • the produced and offered products and services.
  • the supply-chain (business practices of suppliers)


The concept of CSR goes beyond charity, sponsorship or philanthropy...
It's a system of tautological values, closely related to the core of corporate business


csr badge logo

Raise awareness on the CSR initiatives and profile of your business through the digital badge. We provide the means for local, national and even international businesses to associate and address their engagement with corporate social responsibility online. Participants are featured on our participants list and recieve the legal rights to apply the CSR badge on their own business webpage by association. 

The CSR Badge establishes a link to our online platform from the webpages of our participants. The badge is positioned on their front page, typically in the footer. In return, a similar link is established from the registered listing on our website.

The CSR Badge

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“At the very core, Animedia is founded on a mutual dependency between profitable and purposeful business arrangements that benefit both our business and the businesses of our clients. We do so through online marketing, SEO and lead generation.

Our initiative on corporate social responsibility is rooted in helping local business owners grow their business, creating gainful employment for people and, thus, supporting local communities and societies. Since day one, that has been the key component to our business model.”

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Elvirk is a growing platform for independent businesses that provide electrician services. in Denmark. We provide guaranteed and authorized service in local communities as each electrician of Elvirk is supervised by our partner, Valmi Group.

Our arrangement ensures that the craftsmen spend more time doing what they do best: Practicing their craft.


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